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Friday, February 26, 2010

Photoshop Skillz of my Family

I have given my three household members one free Photoshop Elements lesson back in the day.

First, guess who created this picture?

The family shopping in full winter gear, for a new Volkswagen, was created by Gerry. He must be dreaming of buying a car for his family in Antartica. Or some place snowy yet closer to home like Colorado?! Let's go...I will put my snow boots and hat on so we can drive to Colorado in the snow to get one!

The next picture has an adorable story which is very close to my heart. One day last month, my family went to visit the Alvarez family on Super Bowl Sunday. The guys watched the game (with the MILs), the kids were all playing in other parts of the house, while Marianne and I digitally scrapbooked in our own separate room. We would hang out a bit in the living room to socialize and catch some of the Super Bowl commercials (it had nothing to with sneaking a peek at Reggie Bush or Hank Baskett, honest). On one occasion, after leaving our laptops on and open for business, we went into the other room for some drinks.

I was working on a fab layout of me and my daughters. When Marianne and I returned, someone had blackened one tooth from each subject in the photo I had up in Photoshop!!! There were like 10 people in the house...nobody fessed up to it BUT we all laughed hysterically! Check it out...

Who did it? If you would like to know, leave me a comment....the layout I made with this pic, by the way, is finished. Scroll down about two weeks back in my previous posts to see it.
Now I need some time to make a page of the ghetto girls without dental insurance!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guess What I Love?

I Love Rock and Roll! This new kit from Connie Prince (Scrap Matters shop) rocks! Tonight I was not loving the idea of sitting at my computer for a long period of time. Scrapping was something I did not want to do BUT when I browsed this new kit I have had for a few days, I could not resist! This is now my favorite layout that I have ever made! With each layout I create, I feel as though I am improving. Just a quick post tonight! What is your favorite layout? Leave me a link in my comments so I can take a look! You DO have a gallery someplace don't you?!

I grunged up the photo and even made the monogram with Anika's name on it (with the A in the center on the lower left hand side of the layout). I created a monogram for Jasmine also. The words could be a little more clear but I am learning. This was my first monogram ever made! Do you create monograms?
(I do not represent, advertise or promote Scrap Matters...I just love them!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mardi Gras Challenge for Gotta Crop Digital

My friends and I all agree that challenges help us complete pages. Without a goal, I could fart around, having fun mind you, in Photoshop Elements without creating any tangible layouts.  Marianne's latest challenge for the Gotta Crop Digital group on Facebook is Mardi Gras. We must use the colors yellow, purple and green on our page(s). I am glad that I recently bought this kit Alice by Britt-ish Designs ( because I had all the colors needed (and more). This page below was made with a template by WM [squared], font Cry Kitty and Random Titles by Jen Wilson Designs. Keeping this entry today short and sweet. My kids, my hubby and me are off to sell Girl Scout cookies at the grocery store soon!

I added the other challenge layouts here for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I do not have credits for these pages.

Happy Halloween is the first layout of Carina made by Carina! Great job! Her mom taught her to paper scrap when she was very young and I am not surprised she did such a great job! I love Carina!
The additional layout above were made by Michelle and Marianne.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Warm Weather

I was able to spend three sunny, California days outdoors this past weekend gardening and playing with my dogs. I was inspired to create a beach layout with a photo taken on the day of my wedding last June. I found an adorable kit, Ohana by Britt-ish Designs. I used the drop shadows kit (which I cannot live without) by Jennifer Barrette. I feel that the quality of my work improves so much with each layout I create. No wonder I am still awake at 1:00 am on a work night just finishing this layout!

Are you ready for permanent warmer weather like I am?!

The kit can be found at Scrap Matters

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day To My Two Princesses

I treated myself to Get Real Drop Shadows kit by Jennifer Barrette for Valentine's Day. I really love myself, so why not?! These drop shadow effects saved me a lot of time, plus gave my confidence to use a lot of embellishments. Typically, I would not use this many because I would put the same exact shadow on everything...which was not realistic enough for my eye. I hope you enjoy my princesses. If you would like to save time on your drop shadows, visit to grab the kit! It was only a couple of dollars.

Here are instructions to set them up. (I use PSE 8 and these worked just fine!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everyday Essentials

This new kit by Stacy's Back Door Designs is perfect for those 365 days projects you may be working on or ANY digital layout! The neutral colors provide a great back drop for colorful photos. This layout makes my two girl scouts really stand out!
Currently, the kit is 20% off at the link below. Also, you receive a free mega kit with any purchase from Digiridoo Scraps. The free kit is listed below as well. Check out the word art and that queen of hearts. So, you will pay JUST $2.40 for both kits!!!
GRAB yours HERE!!!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Live Your Dreams

This layout was made from my heart using  A Story of Friendship kit by Sahlin Studios,
This photo was the first one I ever had taken with my daughters (my hubby's from his first marriage. We raise them and have custody. I love them as my own! Aren't we just a little adorable?!)

Gotta Crop Digital Challenge

My friends and I started a Facebook group called Gotta Crop Digital. For the next two weeks, we have a challenge I'm hosting. What are you passionate about? Create a page using at least one item from Betsy Tuma's free Glitterazi- Cupid layout from Two Peas In A Bucket.
Grab your free Glitterazi- Cupid digital kit from 2ps!!!

Template by Audrey Neal, Design House Digital. Scroll down to my next post to view a whole different layout, same template. One template, two ways!

Memories of Grandparents

Don't you love seeing old photos? Look at the photo of my young grandmother in the center of this layout. She has a huge white bow in her hair. How sweet! This was created with a template by Audrey Neal and kit from Design House Digital. This was created for my Lifetime Story Challenge with Faith Sisters.

The journaling was an email my mother sent to me. I asked her some questions about her parents (my grandparents pictured in the layout). My plan is to make a separate page of each grandparent and enlarge the photos while adding personal information. Dates of birth and death, birthplace and other details I would like to preserve for future generations of my family. Have you scrapbooked your family tree?

Colors of Love

Okay, you know what to do with this color wheel don't you? These are the easiest color wheels I have found. The chart shows where on the color wheel to find the different color schemes.  I hope you find these useful!

Monochromatic Colors. A monochromatic color scheme uses one color, but 3 different shades of that color. Example: Light, Medium, and Dark Blue.

Triadic Colors. A triadic color combination comes from using 3 colors that are equally spaced (3 spaces) apart on the color wheel. This could be purple, green and orange or it could be blue, yellow and red etc.

Analogous Colors. You get an analogous grouping when you use three colors that are all next to each other on the color wheel. For example, blue, teal and green or green, yellow-green and yellow etc. This example was done using blue, green and teal-all colors next to each other on the color wheel.

(All information and color wheel content gathered from

Design House Digital Dollar Day$

Check out the items at DHD

Each day for the month of February (2010), Design House Digital is practically giving away digital items. Okay, they are $1 a piece and these are not taxed. Just a buck. What a deal. These are four good examples below. The grid papers are becoming a current trend.  I hope you pick up something for yourself this month before the prices go back to normal. They have a great forum (message boards) as well. Check them out...stop by and chat. 

(I do not work for or promote DHD for any reason, other than I just want to).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Got Templates? What about a little November Rain?

I love templates as much as last fall's fashion loved purple. What am I talking about? I am unsure if I am making sense since I have been a little tired fighting of this season's cold, flu and allergies. However, I do know that as bad as I felt the day I received these templates and beautiful purple papers, I instantly perked up with happiness.

Last fall, purple was finally back in style. I have a many picture or two of me and friends wearing purple clothes, makeup etc....I can use them with these papers. After I make a few more, I will post them....for now here are the ones I was able to brew up when I was hopped up on Dayquil and Vick's Vaporub. I was not too creative feeling but allow me to share anyways!

I may never make a layout without a template again, that's for sure. These were super easy especially for many photos! You can flip them 90 degrees or 180 degrees in Photo Shop Elements for a different layout option.

The kits are just $2 each. Follow the links below for a closer look.

Template from the kit Heaps of Templates by Stacy's Back Door Designs, font Arial. Orange flower from Southern Christmas kit, Style frame from Totally Chic kit, and the rest of the layout created with Story Time kit all by Stacy's Back Door Designs

A New and Inspirational Kit Chuck Full of Goodies and Suprises!

     This Story Time kit is a collaboration from Stacy's Back Door Designs, designs by Sarah Bennett and Lil Digi Bits by Jude. Stacy is on the Scrap Matters creative team AND designs her own kits. Each time I get a new kit released by Stacy, I fall more in love with her items. The colors of this kit go with anything and everything!

     I plan to create one layout with each new kit, however, I made three with this one the first night I got it! Okay, I will share two of them with you! The tape and hand drawn black border on the layout below are two of my favorite items of the kit along with the metal clip and green rubberbands!!! There are some cute heart shaped lollipops too.

This is a fun, unique kit that has a special place in my digital collection.  This one is very unique as it has helped me grow to love hand drawn elements to use in my layouts. (Like the title below and that black lined border I mentioned.) 

Pick Up a Kit or Get a Closer Look Here ((Click me))

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Job Dissatisfaction and Negative Prediction

This ground hog only has to work one day a year, yet he does not look happy!

Punxsutawney Phil, a name nobody can pronounce correctly unless you are from the big PA, predicts six more weeks of winter! Bad news according to
Coming from my perspective, living in a city which averages 100 degrees a day during July and August, this is not bad news. Plus, it should be good news for digital scrapbookers... 42 more days of gloom to give us an excuse to sit indoors in front of our PCs and create layouts!
Way to go, Punxs.
Check out all of those people in the background witnessing Groundhog's Day events. I bet at least 15% of them are scrapbookers and 2% of them made a layout about it.