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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Janky Hole In My Heart

The buzzing, clanking and popping noises instantly opened a tiny hole in my heart. I dropped my camera on Sunday in the snow! I guess dropping it while taking close ups of my daughters rosey red, cold cheeks was not a very good idea since it was snowing. My hands were smaller than my gloves so I could not tell for sure if I had a great grip or not. Snow was gathering on the outside of my gloves too making them slippery!

As of Friday, December 18, or whenever my new toy arrives, I will continue creating memories, one pixel at a time.

I ordered a new camera, thanks to Dell financing. (Kodak Z950) I in NO way like to charge things or use credit. However, what on Earth would I do with out a camera on Christmas...this may very well be the last year our 7 & 8 year-olds even believe in Santa!
I have been fighting back against rumors my kids have heard at school for 3 y ears now. Without going into detail, I have gone extra measures this year to give them some things that may feed their beliefs.

I believe!  Do your kids still believe? When did they 'decide not to believe'? I just remember feeling so janky when I found out at age eight (8). What a jip!!! I could go on and on.....

P.S. Janky is my new word! (See Urban Dictionary, def. #5