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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Maggie's Play- Fairy Tale Town

For the last two years, my family has visited Fairy Tale Town during the hot summer month of August in Sacramento to see Maggie perform in a play. Maggie is very talented! She earned a part as a witch for the second year in a row! (The play was totally different this year and Maggie was a good witch this time!)
Fairy Tale Town has a giant shoe slide which is the house of the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe. Yes, just like the Fairy Tale! There are many things for kids to do and see. The girls jumped into a giant pirate ship and started "sailing" along. You can see Captain Anika here behind the helm. Okay, I am no pirate! Is it called a helm?
On another note,  I love these new papers designed by Jen Allyson. I bought them at Two Peas has been extremely helpful to me. They post free tutorial videos for people to learn digital scrapbooking. Now that they taught me almost everything I know in Photoshop Elements, I purchase all of my digital supplies from them! I appreciate them so much. I have been a Pea for nine (9) years now. Don't know what a Pea is? It's a fan and message board visitor on their website.
Hope you  have a great week!

Halloween 2009- The Corpse Bride Layout

Anika wanted to be the Corpse Bride this year! I made her a wedding dress then let  her use one of the veils I did not use for my wedding last June. We had the best time trying to figure out how to make her left arm into a bone too! This layout was a joy to make especially because of the fun, creative donut eating contest the kids participated in at The Knight's Halloween party. We all have a blast at their Halloween party followed by Trick-or-Treating each year. One Halloween layout of 2009 done, many more to do.