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Monday, February 8, 2010

Live Your Dreams

This layout was made from my heart using  A Story of Friendship kit by Sahlin Studios,
This photo was the first one I ever had taken with my daughters (my hubby's from his first marriage. We raise them and have custody. I love them as my own! Aren't we just a little adorable?!)

Gotta Crop Digital Challenge

My friends and I started a Facebook group called Gotta Crop Digital. For the next two weeks, we have a challenge I'm hosting. What are you passionate about? Create a page using at least one item from Betsy Tuma's free Glitterazi- Cupid layout from Two Peas In A Bucket.
Grab your free Glitterazi- Cupid digital kit from 2ps!!!

Template by Audrey Neal, Design House Digital. Scroll down to my next post to view a whole different layout, same template. One template, two ways!

Memories of Grandparents

Don't you love seeing old photos? Look at the photo of my young grandmother in the center of this layout. She has a huge white bow in her hair. How sweet! This was created with a template by Audrey Neal and kit from Design House Digital. This was created for my Lifetime Story Challenge with Faith Sisters.

The journaling was an email my mother sent to me. I asked her some questions about her parents (my grandparents pictured in the layout). My plan is to make a separate page of each grandparent and enlarge the photos while adding personal information. Dates of birth and death, birthplace and other details I would like to preserve for future generations of my family. Have you scrapbooked your family tree?

Colors of Love

Okay, you know what to do with this color wheel don't you? These are the easiest color wheels I have found. The chart shows where on the color wheel to find the different color schemes.  I hope you find these useful!

Monochromatic Colors. A monochromatic color scheme uses one color, but 3 different shades of that color. Example: Light, Medium, and Dark Blue.

Triadic Colors. A triadic color combination comes from using 3 colors that are equally spaced (3 spaces) apart on the color wheel. This could be purple, green and orange or it could be blue, yellow and red etc.

Analogous Colors. You get an analogous grouping when you use three colors that are all next to each other on the color wheel. For example, blue, teal and green or green, yellow-green and yellow etc. This example was done using blue, green and teal-all colors next to each other on the color wheel.

(All information and color wheel content gathered from

Design House Digital Dollar Day$

Check out the items at DHD

Each day for the month of February (2010), Design House Digital is practically giving away digital items. Okay, they are $1 a piece and these are not taxed. Just a buck. What a deal. These are four good examples below. The grid papers are becoming a current trend.  I hope you pick up something for yourself this month before the prices go back to normal. They have a great forum (message boards) as well. Check them out...stop by and chat. 

(I do not work for or promote DHD for any reason, other than I just want to).