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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Got Templates? What about a little November Rain?

I love templates as much as last fall's fashion loved purple. What am I talking about? I am unsure if I am making sense since I have been a little tired fighting of this season's cold, flu and allergies. However, I do know that as bad as I felt the day I received these templates and beautiful purple papers, I instantly perked up with happiness.

Last fall, purple was finally back in style. I have a many picture or two of me and friends wearing purple clothes, makeup etc....I can use them with these papers. After I make a few more, I will post them....for now here are the ones I was able to brew up when I was hopped up on Dayquil and Vick's Vaporub. I was not too creative feeling but allow me to share anyways!

I may never make a layout without a template again, that's for sure. These were super easy especially for many photos! You can flip them 90 degrees or 180 degrees in Photo Shop Elements for a different layout option.

The kits are just $2 each. Follow the links below for a closer look.

Template from the kit Heaps of Templates by Stacy's Back Door Designs, font Arial. Orange flower from Southern Christmas kit, Style frame from Totally Chic kit, and the rest of the layout created with Story Time kit all by Stacy's Back Door Designs

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