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Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas 2009

Here is my first 2009 Christmas layout using Katie Pertiet items ( Everything is made by her except the green thread, ribbon, the letter C and green metal clip.
I never thought I would post photos and/ or layouts with photos of myself in them while I am not wearing makeup. My family did not take ANY pictures of me while I did have make up on so this is all there is!
We had a great time! Keeping this post short and sweet because I am off to make more pages. It is 1:53 pm in Sacramento, California. My daughters and I are still in our pajamas! This is the FIRST day of 2009 I have been able to spend a day alone with them AND lay around in pj's! What are you doing today?

( sort of looks like my hubby is holding a box of Tampax!!! oh no! those are his movies!)