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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Freebie: Earth Day- Labels

These great labels were created by Amanda who used a new "Go Green" kit by wm [squared] designs and Designs by Sarah Bennett.

How adorable is this Go Green kit?! The stamped alphabet is great and I love the lightbulb shaped label with 'think' printed on it.

My guest creative team stint for Sarah Bennett ended the first week of April. Too bad I missed the release of this kit. I will have to go buy one for myself.

Are you doing anything to mark the 40th Earth Day celebration?

Earth Day is April 22.

In recognition of Earth Day, I will be staying home, in bed all day. I will not turn on any electronic devices including my hair dryer, television etc. Since I will stay in bed, I will not polute the air with the exhaust from my commute to work. (I wish this was true!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Life: Disappearing Posts

Where Did it Go?

On Saturday, I sat at my desk and diligently created a long, creative post. I included stock photos to help readers visualize my thoughts.

I included a few of my family photos from the past month.

Once I hit send, I received an error message. I was devastated to say the least.  The post you are reading right at this very moment, is nothing compared to the lost post. Here today, I am simply posting a few, fun layouts that inspire me today.

Tomorrow, I am scrapping with Marianne, also know as Memories Couture. Time to collect things that inspire me so I have a plan of action (ideas to scrap) tomorrow evening!

Creating something similar to the collage type layout above would be a nice creative outlet. This is  layout is cute and colorful, in my opinion. What do you think of it?

The border mid-page, one side scalloped or rounded and the other a clean straight line is inspiring (found on each of the first two layouts above). Add a photo or two. Seems easy enough. Tuesday night scrapping cannot come soon enough.

At least I have sushi at Taro's Mikuni to look forward to this evening! Dinner with my loving, sweet family this evening. Dinner with my sweet, lovely friend tomorrow.

Life is good! (even though my last post is gone)

A good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge
-Betty Holland

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wicked In This Place- If I Was At Home Right Now...

...there would be many things I could enjoy doing. Currently, I sit someplace away from home. I am not allowed to leave this place until my chariot (husband driving my Hyundai) pulls up around the five o' clock hour to get me. This place I am in pays me to be here so I will not just go home whenever I please (though it would be great if I could). The place I am in physically cannot be named since it may implicate me and get me into trouble (but would it really be trouble to be sent home?) There is no place like home!

These are the things that I would do if I was strapped to a computer (similar to my present situation) only that PC is at home. At home, I am not monitored by "the man" and I do not have super security walls blocking cool things I could view while surfing around the web. Oh, anyways, at this very moment these things have peaked my interest:

1. Vinnie Pearce posted a free video she created to instruct folks like me,  how she creates depth on a digital scrapbook page (click here to get there). I am dying to watch this video! Tips from a pro are always great to know. In fact, following tips from digital designers and Photoshop users, not necessarily all experts, is how I have taught myself to crate flyers, cards, monograms and digital scrapbooking projects.

2. Research how to and then create my own signature to use in my online forums. I would use digital scrapbooking elements and paper. I bet I would apply the new knowledge learned from #1.

3. Next, I would make a good salad.

4. Back to the computer, eating said salad, I would create a digital layout using Photoshop Elements. The topic would be "a letter to my teenage self". I would advise myself all of the things that I know now, yet did not know back in those days. In fact, this is the project due for my creative team.

5. I would visit Facebook and send some shout outs to my friends and family.

6. And finally, I would see what type of elements and papers I have that could inspire me to make a layout, journaling my adventures in San Francisco with Gerry. We saw the Broadway production of Wicked!! Finally, because I have waited so long. Seven years ago I read the book so this was a long time coming.

What are you doing today? What do you wish you were doing?

I normally post photos at the begining of my postings. This photo is so good it does not deserve to sit and the bottom of this one but it serves it's purpose. I saved the best for last for my post today. Have a wonderful Friday. I hope you are able to do all things and achieve all things that your heart desires today.

Did you know that there are several different illustrators who have designed covers for the book The Wizard of Oz? Here are a few of my favorites: (The illustrators name is also listed next to each one)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

24 Hours of Easter Celebrations!

Easter Sunday was quite busy this year! The day before, we enjoyed coloring over three dozen eggs. Mom, that's me, preceeded to run into a wall while carrying the 40 or so eggs. Half of those dry eggs crashed to the ground and cracked the shells. At least we were able to enjoy coloring them before they went into the garbage! Early Easter morning, we woke up, dressed to the nines and then went to our church The Warehouse Ministries. Nathan Tasker performed during the sermon. He is a Christian musician from Australia who we saw at our church last year on Easter. We have his CD and love his musical talent and song writing skill. My parents joined us at this church for the first time. We all enjoyed it.
Next, we went home, prepared an Easter egg hunt for my kids and our  niece and nephew. It was great to have about 15 family members over for the egg hunt. Just as we were finishing the hunt, it began to rain! We were able to stay dry and had enough time to hold it outdoors! Indoors, we had all types of snacks and sweets. I did not go too fancy with the appetizers or the main course. Just a spiral ham from Costco with the usual trimmings steamed brocolli, scallop potatoes, rice (for the kids), etc.
Next year, I am going for the stuffed mushrooms, garlic goat cheese and olive oil dip for sourdough bread, and crab dip to say the least. Oh yeah, I also wanted to make my Fruit Dip. Mix one regular size strawberry flavor cream cheese with one jar of marshmellow fluff using electric beaters. Beat until fluffy. Dip in fruit such as watermelon and strawberries. These two taste the best in this dip!!! MMMM, so divine! Looks like we will have to wait until the next gathering for some of this since I did not create it for Easter.
We had a heartfelt Easter. Gerry and I loved seeing our family together this year while celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Yep, we enjoy the religious reason for the season. I hope that you had a blessed day this year. Enjoy our photos! There will be many more of the photos that were taken on Easter,  to come in layouts through out the year.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Admire: Dream Mini Kit Freebie!

Once I discovered this jewel of a freebie, I new I had to create something with it. This freebie is being offered by a talented designer Vinnie Pearce through her blog. I admire Vinnie's work, design talent and eye for composition and color. Click here to grab your own freebie gift kit. 

(I do not design or promote for Vinnie Pearce in any way. Just a fan and admirer of her kits.)
Remember this layout from a former post? I updated this old baby photo of myself and created a layout using one of her other kits Beach Flower.

It was great to work with this kit and I look forward to creating with this freebie. Thanks, Vinnie!

Fun Concepts for Inspiration

After ignoring my computer for the last couple of weeks, I feel energized and ready to be inspired to create some more digital work. I would like to share some of the layouts I have found recently that have good composition and a fun concept! (None of these layouts were created by me or by anyone that I know.)

Recently, my friend Marianne expressed that she could use a bit of inspiration. I hope this helps you and Marianne!

I have recently discovered Sometimes I read the digital scrapbooking boards at Two Peas In A Bucket. Occasionally, other digital scrappers post when their layouts have been selected to be a Gallery Stand Out (also known as the acronymn GSO).

This layout is called too sweet by joannknnrd:
A Link To Credits

This layout is CHASE by Steffi. Who says that you cannot use large photos on your scrapbook pages? We are creating books for us to enjoy with our families. What kid would NOT want a huge photo of themselves in a book vs. a small, little one?

A Link to Credits (for CHASE).

Why not scrap about your favorite things? This is a great way to share part of your culture with your family. Our scrapbooks will live on into the future for years to come. How fun will it be to be reminded of movies that you once enjoyed but may have forgotten about? Visit websites like and find a photo of a book or movie you plan to place on your layout. Copy the photo and save it to your computer as a JPG image. You can then re-save it in PSE with a quality of 12 to enhance the quality of the photo. Then, use it on a layout!

I am also inspired by the several different alphas used in the title for the layout below. Adorable!

This layout is Love to Laugh by jenn7

These three layouts are all that I have time to post for the moment. If I find some more down time, I will share a few more of these goodies with you. For now, why don't you visit Gallery Stand Outs yourself?