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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Honeymoon Story

Slowly but surely, I am creating a book about my honeymoon. Why don't I start with the wedding book or album first? Simply because my digital scrapbooking skills get better by the page! I am saving the best for far a photos go. Our honeymoon had the most interesting things happen so I do have fun looking back and feeling those memories once again while they are still fairly fresh in my heart and in my mind.

I have the first page completed. The second and third pages are just about completed but not ready for release. My writing skills are so not up to par...they are SO valley girl and not the tone I want to set for my book. It is a challenge for me to journal with care and journaling has never been my favorite thing to do. I wish I could greatly improve my writing skills.

Anyways, check this out............

Some papers from Ever After kit by Jenn Barrette, paint stroke from Britt-ish igirl, momitude sticker by Miss Mint, title from Basic Grey, golden girls forever in love papers, Storyteller template by Tiffany TIllamn, and Ali's Hand font, and Inked Edges by Happy Scrap Girl. (PM me if you have specific questions, I will be glad to help.)

I want to remember everything from our honeymoon since we have two kids from my hubby's first marriage that we spend most of our time with. Those 5 days alone together were a nice treat! No work, no kids, just relaxation....with a few bumps in the road! Stay Tuned.


My dad (stepfather) Jim used to be an offshore oil rigman off the coast of Santa Barbara. When I was growing up, I alway imagined his long boat ride to and from the big aliens made of strong steel which stood far away from the shore in the middle of the ocean. Some day I hope to get a tour of one of those rigs. It would be like discovering a different world!

Created with Country Warmth kit by Stacy's Back Door Designs. Other elements from Stacy's kits include sand from Southern Christmas and word art from Stand Tall.