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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunny Bride

I thought I would brighten up our day today with this layout I made over the weekend. This photo may not be the most flattering one of myself to post to the world on my blog. However, this was the first full day of my honeymoon last July! It was about 88 degrees and my hubby and I were swimming in the pool, sunbathing and just relaxing before taking a drive to the lake in Lake Tahoe.
Right now California is covered in rain, wind and gray clouds. What can you look back on in your life that can take away the dark moments when "skies are gray"?
Or should I spell it like- "grey"?!

Credit: Paper and Arrows by Sahlin Studio, Enjoy the Moment kit. Carina Gardner Imprint Calendar brushes and frames.

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Stand Tall kit by Stacy's Back Door Designs

A few years ago, when Jasmine and Anika were entering kindergarten and first grade, I had to nudge them a bit when it was time to go to school in the morning. They were hestitant to go to school because they would miss me (and Dad) "all day".  I miss those days and occasional pep talks about how "fun it is to go to school and play with your friends". The first year or so of school was a lot more exciting for them. Even though my girls do not take their friends or play time for granted, these two things are just not as exciting anymore as they once were.  I remember always telling them, especially our youngest, to be strong! I still love dropping them off at school and picking them out. I love seeing my girls forge their way(s) in to this world!
I used this adorable kit by Stacy's Back Door Designs called Stand Tall. It includes some great word art. I used some of the word art and lowered the percentage of opacity in Photoshop Elements to make a light, overlay of the words. The kit is 20% off right now, so go get one!

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