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Friday, February 25, 2011

diy project: Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal from Design*Sponge

I think I could use these vintage printable cards by Jeanine DeOre at to make postcard dividers for a small daily journal file to place on my desk. I discovered this cute one at Design Sponge. Now, I just need strawberry  season to come along, so I can get one of those green square baskets and a pack of index cards at the Dollar Tree and I am ready to create my own.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Candy Bar Wrapper Freebie by Shabby Blogs

I fell in love with this candy bar wrapper I found here on Shabby Blogs Blog.

Here is the article from Shabby Blogs Blog (word for word. I did not write or design or promote any of these words or work. I just like it and want to share the freebie love. Besides, I want to Photoshop the teacher message out and use my own message to create birthday favors ).

There are two kinds of moms in this world. First, you've got the moms that dance around their empty houses like leprechauns when their kids go back to school. Then, there are the moms that create fictitious dentist appointments just so they can pick their kids up from school early because they miss them so much. As pathetic as it sounds all laid out in black and white like this...I'm the second kind of mom. (Shocker, I know.) I bought school supplies for my girls the other day and almost burst into tears. When I realized what a weenie I was being, I gave myself an imaginary glove slap on the cheek and decided to celebrate the thing. It is in this spirit that I created a little freebie for you. It's a candy bar wrapper that you can totally customize and send to school with your child for their teacher! Sweet, right? It's sized for those extra large candy bars and all you have to do is add your own photo and text, print it out, cut it out, and hand it out. Now I know that everyone isn't a mom- so don't think I forgot about the rest of our Shabby Bloggers! I also created another candy bar wrapper that is perfect for any occasion. Customize it for a birthday, a girls night out, or just because! Let's face it. You never need a reason to give the gift of chocolate. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Experimenting With Grunge Edges & Textures and freebie

Check out Grunge It - BUNDLE {CU OK} by Jeanine DeOre at . The ease and simplicity of following the instructions below, and on Jeanine's blog, have left me pleasantly surprised after just 20 minutes of experimenting and creating in Photoshop Elements today. AND I feel like a wanna-be digital designer!

Jeanine De Ore at has all of her designer secrets available in one great stash...includes 2 Edge 4-Packs (8 total) and 2 Texture 4-Packs (8 total) and 2 suggestion/tip sheets. Great for designers and fun for personal use / scrapbook projects too!

After you see these pages below I created, you would never guess that I have never used textures or edges to create papers before. You would also never guess each one took me less than five minutes to figure out!
Check these out and then the link to a freebie will magically appear.
I made this:

By using a texture (the one on the bottom right) from
Grunge It- Textures 2 by Jeanine DeOre at

Step 1: Open a new 12x12 page with Background Color, then change it to a tan color (e9e2b8).

Step 2: Drag the texture layer on top of the tan layer. Click on the texture layer. Change the blending mode from Normal to Overlay (leaving opacity

at 100%).
Step 3: Right click on one of the layers and select flatten image. Then save your creation and use it on any page or project.

I told you that was simple. Since I am a visual person and learn better from pictures and diagrams, and not just books of written instructions, I found Jeanine's directions to be the easiest.

  Click here to visit her blog for additional information and support.There is even a freebie here you can experiment with before buying your texture and edges kits!!!
Next item I created using the texture on the bottom left from Grunge It- Textures 2 by Jeanine DeOre at

and then I added an edge to:

The patterned paper and all kits used by permission of Jeanine DeOre at
The patterned paper above is from Cirque Dimanche ~The Papers, by Jeanine at
and an edge from Grunge It Edges Vol 2.

The additional two papers were created by Betty Holland, using colors taken from the french patterned paper above.

Thanks for hanging out! Here is the freebie, as promised :