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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bigger and Better Things! (Fashion)

Okay, so I know that this has nothing to do with digital scrapbooking.....well to me, fashion has everything to do with everything! If I am dressed nice and comfortably, I feel more free and creative! Hence, I can create better scrapbook layouts digitally?! Okay, that was a bit of a stretch!

I am not a small girl, yet I LOVE nice clothes. I am tired of searching high and low for current fashion trends and style tips. My new blog baby is a collection of fashion for sizes 12/14 and up! I do not work for these companies and I do not advertise on my blogs to make any money what so ever.

Come and take a look!

Click here for fashion inspiration- my new blog baby!

(this is from Perez Hilton started his new blog If he can discuss fashion then why couldn't I? I do not claim to be fashionable, a fashionista, etc. If I did earn a bit more money, I may be able to look more put together and that's a fact!)