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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guess What I Love?

I Love Rock and Roll! This new kit from Connie Prince (Scrap Matters shop) rocks! Tonight I was not loving the idea of sitting at my computer for a long period of time. Scrapping was something I did not want to do BUT when I browsed this new kit I have had for a few days, I could not resist! This is now my favorite layout that I have ever made! With each layout I create, I feel as though I am improving. Just a quick post tonight! What is your favorite layout? Leave me a link in my comments so I can take a look! You DO have a gallery someplace don't you?!

I grunged up the photo and even made the monogram with Anika's name on it (with the A in the center on the lower left hand side of the layout). I created a monogram for Jasmine also. The words could be a little more clear but I am learning. This was my first monogram ever made! Do you create monograms?
(I do not represent, advertise or promote Scrap Matters...I just love them!)

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