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Friday, February 26, 2010

Photoshop Skillz of my Family

I have given my three household members one free Photoshop Elements lesson back in the day.

First, guess who created this picture?

The family shopping in full winter gear, for a new Volkswagen, was created by Gerry. He must be dreaming of buying a car for his family in Antartica. Or some place snowy yet closer to home like Colorado?! Let's go...I will put my snow boots and hat on so we can drive to Colorado in the snow to get one!

The next picture has an adorable story which is very close to my heart. One day last month, my family went to visit the Alvarez family on Super Bowl Sunday. The guys watched the game (with the MILs), the kids were all playing in other parts of the house, while Marianne and I digitally scrapbooked in our own separate room. We would hang out a bit in the living room to socialize and catch some of the Super Bowl commercials (it had nothing to with sneaking a peek at Reggie Bush or Hank Baskett, honest). On one occasion, after leaving our laptops on and open for business, we went into the other room for some drinks.

I was working on a fab layout of me and my daughters. When Marianne and I returned, someone had blackened one tooth from each subject in the photo I had up in Photoshop!!! There were like 10 people in the house...nobody fessed up to it BUT we all laughed hysterically! Check it out...

Who did it? If you would like to know, leave me a comment....the layout I made with this pic, by the way, is finished. Scroll down about two weeks back in my previous posts to see it.
Now I need some time to make a page of the ghetto girls without dental insurance!
Have a great weekend.

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Six Diamonds said...

Hahahaha... these are hilarious! Gerry's page cracked me up! And you girls look so in need of dental care! That is funny no one fessed up! Glad you are all having a good time!