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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

24 Hours of Easter Celebrations!

Easter Sunday was quite busy this year! The day before, we enjoyed coloring over three dozen eggs. Mom, that's me, preceeded to run into a wall while carrying the 40 or so eggs. Half of those dry eggs crashed to the ground and cracked the shells. At least we were able to enjoy coloring them before they went into the garbage! Early Easter morning, we woke up, dressed to the nines and then went to our church The Warehouse Ministries. Nathan Tasker performed during the sermon. He is a Christian musician from Australia who we saw at our church last year on Easter. We have his CD and love his musical talent and song writing skill. My parents joined us at this church for the first time. We all enjoyed it.
Next, we went home, prepared an Easter egg hunt for my kids and our  niece and nephew. It was great to have about 15 family members over for the egg hunt. Just as we were finishing the hunt, it began to rain! We were able to stay dry and had enough time to hold it outdoors! Indoors, we had all types of snacks and sweets. I did not go too fancy with the appetizers or the main course. Just a spiral ham from Costco with the usual trimmings steamed brocolli, scallop potatoes, rice (for the kids), etc.
Next year, I am going for the stuffed mushrooms, garlic goat cheese and olive oil dip for sourdough bread, and crab dip to say the least. Oh yeah, I also wanted to make my Fruit Dip. Mix one regular size strawberry flavor cream cheese with one jar of marshmellow fluff using electric beaters. Beat until fluffy. Dip in fruit such as watermelon and strawberries. These two taste the best in this dip!!! MMMM, so divine! Looks like we will have to wait until the next gathering for some of this since I did not create it for Easter.
We had a heartfelt Easter. Gerry and I loved seeing our family together this year while celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Yep, we enjoy the religious reason for the season. I hope that you had a blessed day this year. Enjoy our photos! There will be many more of the photos that were taken on Easter,  to come in layouts through out the year.