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Monday, March 29, 2010

Organizing My Thoughts and Plans for Easter Dinner 2010

Hello, there. Are you hungry? I am just planning the menu for the Easter Sunday meal I am hosting for my family this weekend.

The Easter bunny, Gerry, my mom, my mother-in-law and I have all communicated about our Easter Egg hunt/ celebration. Most of our guest will be staying for dinner. A few, will be going back home to cook their own for their guests. We are grateful that they will be making time to share a portion of their busy day with us.

Once we get home from church, we are having the egg hunt. Then onto dinner. Here is the 2010 menu I made. Every successful dinner party is planned, organized and goes off without a hitch right? Well, mine will be something short of perfection. The food, however, will be oh-so-good. Here is my list below. (inserting photos of said food after I take pictures of it on Easter) How does my list compare to what you traditionally have for Easter Dinner (or a Sunday dinner with family if you do not celebrate Easter)?



Stuffed Clams-Grandma Betty

deviled eggs- Nana

onion dip-Nana


carrots and celery with ranch- Easter bunny

spinach dip and bread-Easter bunny

peanut, M&M, & candy mixture-Easter bunny

sliced oranges- Easter bunny


Costco spiral ham-Easter bunny

scalloped potatoes- Easter bunny

corn- Easter bunny

steamed brocolli- Easter bunny

rolls- Easter bunny

Cornbread-Easter bunny

white rice- Anika and Jasmine (they love rice!)

Brocolli & Cheese soup-Easter bunny


cupcakes-Grandma Betty

brownies- Grandma Betty

Drinks- Gerry & Betty

water bottles

iced tea

coke or pepsi/ reg. and diet

sunkist orange soda 2-liter

kids juice boxes


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Marianne said...

what time is dinner?? Looks like it's going to be YUMMY!! Love what you've done with the place, I dig the new look!