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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun Concepts for Inspiration

After ignoring my computer for the last couple of weeks, I feel energized and ready to be inspired to create some more digital work. I would like to share some of the layouts I have found recently that have good composition and a fun concept! (None of these layouts were created by me or by anyone that I know.)

Recently, my friend Marianne expressed that she could use a bit of inspiration. I hope this helps you and Marianne!

I have recently discovered Sometimes I read the digital scrapbooking boards at Two Peas In A Bucket. Occasionally, other digital scrappers post when their layouts have been selected to be a Gallery Stand Out (also known as the acronymn GSO).

This layout is called too sweet by joannknnrd:
A Link To Credits

This layout is CHASE by Steffi. Who says that you cannot use large photos on your scrapbook pages? We are creating books for us to enjoy with our families. What kid would NOT want a huge photo of themselves in a book vs. a small, little one?

A Link to Credits (for CHASE).

Why not scrap about your favorite things? This is a great way to share part of your culture with your family. Our scrapbooks will live on into the future for years to come. How fun will it be to be reminded of movies that you once enjoyed but may have forgotten about? Visit websites like and find a photo of a book or movie you plan to place on your layout. Copy the photo and save it to your computer as a JPG image. You can then re-save it in PSE with a quality of 12 to enhance the quality of the photo. Then, use it on a layout!

I am also inspired by the several different alphas used in the title for the layout below. Adorable!

This layout is Love to Laugh by jenn7

These three layouts are all that I have time to post for the moment. If I find some more down time, I will share a few more of these goodies with you. For now, why don't you visit Gallery Stand Outs yourself?

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