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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inclined To Say...Dedicated To My Family...New Header

I created this page using two photos of Gerry I snapped in our garage last month. The kit I used is called Tough Guy by Designs by Sarah Bennett. The torn paper I did myself in PSE, using a white brush and then using the eraser. I love this feature on this page the most. 

Back to Gerry...he will take apart his car then put it right back together for fun! I am glad that he is able to work on vehicles. This is a great skill for someone to have, especially in this day and age. Many of these trades are no longer passed on from generation to generation. In Gerry's case, his maternal grandfather taught him most of what he knows. From there is self-taught and able to solve issues on his own. AND he never has dirty fingernails! SCOREEEE!
I decided to make a layout this week of Gerry so I could think about his skills and attributes. It was nice to focus on him and remind myself of what a great husband I have.
I even stayed away from Facebook, my cell phone and phones in general for a whole week! I barely responded to emails. I totally detached myself from things as much as possible to get some things sorted out. This was the best idea I had in a long time!
If I have not returned an email or call this week, do not be offended. I only made on or two pages for my design teams and I did not even play on my laptop. I was dedicated to my immediate family for several days. We have had a great time hanging out (during a few hours a day we were not at work/ school or school functions!)
Last, did you see my new blog header? I made it today with some instructions from Design House Digital
Have a great weekend.

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