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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Mind's Tangent - Graham Cracker Houses

In my last post, I shared my excitement about Design House Digital. This led my brain, which most of the time I cannot control, to thoughts of the lovely graham cracker house my daughter brought home from a Christmas party this weekend. She made the house (similar to gingerbread houses but smaller)  while with her grandparents. Of all candies, it included Junior Mints! It was not easy to break them off of the roof of her little home. Junior Mints are soft and squishy and we ended up licking smear of mint off of our hands!

Anika did not bring home a candied project treat. Since she sort of takes after her father, she probably ate the whole thing in the car on the way home from the party! My mind continues to was so cute, and simple....houses made from graham crackers which were easier to create, no baking and small enough to actually eat without throwing most of it away.

I am a semi- domestic goddess without the skills to bake sweets. I can finally have my little Christmas house and eat it too! A project with the kids that I will like to eat, won't have to bake and will not take up a lot of space! Graham crackers houses!!!

(Post photo of Jasmine's house here later when I take one!)

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Here are two photos of gingerbread houses, and not made from graham crackers, that are inspiring. I have no idea who made these or how. I just found this on the web for our viewing pleasure!

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Have fun!

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Kerry'd Away Designs said...

Your little graham cracker house is so cute. I also found the photos of the gingerhouses very inspiring. We did some gingerbread houses from a kit this year. It was semi-successful. The kids had a hoot though and that's what counts.