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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Design House Digital FREEBIE

Hello! If you haven't heard already, two of my favorite designers have their own project in the works. Carina Gardner and Jen Allyson have a blog set up to introduce their up and coming digital designers who will be offering their digital goodies through Design House Digital January 2010!

This new digital environment is a chance for an exciting, fresh and new outlook on the digital world! These designers have Bachelor's degrees, one has a Master's in Design so HELLO!!! I am ready to be mentored!

This is their current blog, just some crumbs to get us through til the actual website opens in a couple of short weeks!

They are currently giving away a free digital kit to anyone who signs up on their mailing list:

Design House Digital Website and Free Kit information!!!! "CLICK ME"

This will be added to my "Top Things To Look Forward To in The New Year" list!!!
Congratulations and thanks in advance to Jen Allyson and Carina Gardner for preparing this website just for us digi lovers.

(Note: I do not create or promote for these two designers or their projects/ products. Just a fan.)

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