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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Canadian Site I discovered! Candy Shoppe Designs

**Disclosure- I did NOT create or have anything to do with the creation of this layout!** I think it is great and wanted to share it with you from a site I  recently discovered. This appears to be a Canadian site called Candy Shoppe Designs.
This layout is from a current New Moon (part of the Twilight series for peeps who do not know) challenge. Warning....this site is not our usual sugary sweet scrapbooking community.  Unfortunatly, I am unsure if there is a big digiscrapping side  to Candy Shoppe Designs or not, BUT I am inspired by the reality and down-to-earthness (if that is a real phrase I will be happy) of their Blog. Let me know if you enjoy them.

***EDIT Saturday, Nov. 21-Two Peas is also having a Twilight/ New Moon challenge. You can copy and paste the link to view the details

***They are offering a link to a FREE TWILIGHT FONT. Get the font here (if you just want to skip Two Peas) There are some cool layouts!
After seeing the movie last night, AND being first in line, I still do not want to make a layout of Twilight. Maybe later. It was a fluke that we were first....and I am not the biggest fan so I probably did not deserve it but we had the best seats!!! Enjoy your weekend. I will be posting a bit more, I am sure!

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Casey Wright said...

Very cool! Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to check it out!