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Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Been A While Since...

It's been a while since I did several things.
  1. Posted on my blog.
  2. Shared my annual vacation photos with anyone.
  3. Participated in a water sport or recreational activity.
  4. Introduced my kids to something new and outdoorsy.
Today, I am posting a couple of photos from our annual family trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This year, my mom joined us on our adventure. Mom enjoyed a few great meals with us like those at Heidi's for great hamburgers and sandwiches, Forest Buffet for delicious food with a lake view, and breakfast at our hotel Monte Bleu.

This was my first time staying at a hotel casino in Lake Tahoe. My family might stay there again int he future because it was convenient. Having the indoor pool was especially convenient the first night we arrived during the thunder, lightening and rain storm outside! Grandma had easy access to the casino downstairs without having to walk around too far. The kids had a blast in the hotel arcade a couple times too.

Although Grandma did not go to the lake with us, our family of four had a blast. The temperature of the water felt refreshing at King's Beach. It was about 80 degrees outside at the beach near Incline Village. Gerry surprised us by renting a tandem, sit-on-top kayak so we could take turns teaching the kids how to row. The kids caught on after about two minutes and I was in heaven since it had been years since I had a chance to row around on the water!

There is not anything negative to speak of during this vacation! Not even Jasmine's icecream falling off her cone and onto her lap after leaving King's Beach area icecream shop! Jasmine just picked it back up and plopped it back onto the cone. Improvise and just go with the flow, which is what we did during most of our three day trip to Lake Tahoe. This is my favorite family Tahoe vacation yet.

What have you been doing with your summer?


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