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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Freebie: Disney Goodies from Britt-ish Designs yourself to this little freebie goodie by Britt-ish Designs!

What a doll, that Brit is! I was a little discouraged by Scrap Matters yesterday. The amount of people trying to participate in their iNSB celebration, sales and fun forum games majorlly bogged down their server. To easy our pain, this is graciously being offered for free. I could not be more delighted since my kids will be visiting Disneyland for the first time in their whole 7 years, and 8 years +364 days of life. Notice the 364 days? Yep, tomorrow is Anika's 9th birthday!

Stay tuned for her unique, easy party favors (they are fat free) in addition to the adorable breakfast table I set up for my 'queen for the day'.For now, click the link below for your Mickey stuff and then check out the party dresses on the girls in the photo below.

For now, Click right here to get your own freebie!

May 2: Happy Birthday Anika!

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