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Monday, March 15, 2010


Good morning! Today I am having just another Manic Monday. I woke up an hour earlier than usualy, just like everyone else who set their clocks ahead one hour. I feel jipped, ripped off and robbed. My time is my time right? Wrong! Uncle Sam can take a portion of my salary, which I donate 40 hours of my time to weekly. And now, another hour? Give it back! (Insert giggles here.)

Okay, seriously, I was up late last night digital scrapbooking once the kids were in bed. I was in a groove! I am starting to develop my own style for digital scrapbooking. I realized a lot of important factors in digital design, that I was also doing with paper crafting pages....but did not know how to apply digitally...until recently. I feel like the digital is less of a challenge these days. And this is when it becomes more enjoyable! I hope to figure out my own style soon. What is your style? Do you have one or a way to describe it?

Here are two pages I made last night....the wedding layout was created with Remember Me from Designs by Sarah Bennett. The Halloween layout was created with Sister Sue, by the same designer. You can find all of Sarah Bennett's great products in the shop at Scrap Matters. Click here to go to the shop for Designs by Sarah Bennett.

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