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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shortest Post Ever!

Check out my new Basic Grey blog header!

The background will be installed as soon as I get help! I attempted it for about 40 minutes but without directions from Basic Grey, I am stumped. I tried HTML....tried adding it by code made in Photobucket...and more. Ahh, I will just wait until they reply with quick instructions.

Any who, I am glad that Basic Grey offers papers, embellishments, brushes, iphone and computer wallpapers, plus cards and quick pages......all delivered via PC digitally!!!

I bought the baby boy card for my friend whom just gave birth to a baby on New Year's Eve. It is a gorgeous card for a gorgeous baby!

As far as their amazing paper products, I have about 50 or 60 pieces of Basic Grey paper, a few embellishment packs and other Basic Grey items. I love them all but I never used them since they were 'coveted'. Do you have a stash of Basic Grey papers like I do? Now, since they have digital products, I can buy one page and use it a million times!!!

I am now dashing off to visit the baby for the first time! New life, new year, and new products to experiment with.

Enjoy YOUR new year.

1 comment:

Casey Wright said...

Sounds fun! I'm looking forward to getting some extra time to spend with the new digital collection!